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2014 October Meeting Report

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On October 25th we held our Magic Teach-in for kids. Char Gott, Regis Kormick, Kyle Bassett, C.J. Diamond, and Michael Baker each taught easy to learn tricks. Brad Borland and Rodney Nordstrom were on hand to assist. The turnout was low with only 10 kids in attendance, but it seemed to be a fun time for all involved.


That evening, we had our Tribute to Houdini show to kick off Magic Week. Performers included Grant Golden, Troy Keefer, Jay Zentko, Brad Borland, Matthew Gardner, Kyle and Mollie Sue Pfister, Kyle Bassett, Michael Baker, and C.J. Diamond, who graciously flew in from Boston to be part of the show. Each performed with a tie-in to Houdini. Dennis Peacock served as the MC. Kyle Pfister supplied projection screens that had clips of Houdini running before the show and during intermission. Several other PMA members played integral roles taking tickets, serving concessions, running spotlight and doing close-up magic. The turnout was better than expected and the audience seemed to really like the show.


Happy Magical Halloween!

2014 September Meeting Reports

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Fall is in the air in Peoria!! Our September meeting took the guise of our annual picnic. As we have in the past, we held this at Marquette Heights, and we thank Barb Griffin for securing the use of the pavilion. There were a number of members and guests, and lots of great food. The PMA supplied the chicken, the Gardner family supplied the drinks, everyone brought wonderful side dishes, and a handful of magicians supplied the entertainment after we ate.

September also saw the Diamond Jim Tyler lecture and the final two appearances at the Riverfront Market for 2014.

Our October meeting began with some business, mostly associated with the Teach-in and Houdini Tribute show. Scott Gardner won the drawing in our quarterly incentive program.


Our theme of rope magic was well represented beginning with an in-depth discussion and demonstration of ropes through body. Regis Kormick, Jay Zentko, Grant Golden, and Kyle Pfister all participated. Grant then demonstrated and explained the Pretzel Bow Knot that vanishes, and Silk Through Rope.


Michael Baker used pieces of orange and black tissue paper to make a Jack-O-Lantern mask. Brock Cassidy showed his furry dragon pet and Rodney Nordstrom showed how two chosen card values come together in spite of the deck being well shuffled. Actually he showed us the .001% of the time that it doesn’t work! It was kind of funny because the trick usually will work.

2014 July Meeting Report

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So much magic happening in Peoria! July has seen the following events: We had a 10 day run at the Heart of Illinois fair, with several PMA members taking a turn at performing on stage each day, plus many showing up to perform close-up magic in the entertainment tent. Rodney Nordstrom, Jay Zentko, Kyle Bassett, and Michael Baker performed at the Riverfront Museum in conjunction with the Ripley’s Believe it or Not exhibit. Plus, we have performed our summertime gig at the Farmers Market twice this month!


On top of that, we of course had our monthly board meeting and our regular meeting.


This month’s meeting theme was Magic & Music. To start the meeting, we introduced ourselves to several guests, who came to check us out after learning of us through some of the public events and from other members. It’s great to see all the new faces!


There was a brief bit of business to bring us up to speed on upcoming events, and to recap those just finished.


Jerry Tupper performed a very nice routine called, “The Mother of all Diamonds”, where several lumps of coal magically transform into a shimmering pile of diamonds, except for one that served as a lesson to the magician. Jerry had appropriate music playing in the background.


New member prospect, Matthew showed his chops by performing a coin in a nest of boxes, appearing cards, and a mentalism trick with numbers on cards. Very accomplished for a young person, he will make a good addition to our group.


Terry Meridan performed an appearing wand. The prop was not behaving well, so there was some input on how to remedy the problem, so it will work better. Helping each other is part of what we do here.


Michael Baker performed his spin on René Lavand’s Three Card Monte to Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer”.


There was a lot of discussion of techniques with music, different sound systems, how to choose music, how to choose magic to go with a piece of music, how to edit, etc. Overall, the meeting was good and seemed to be enjoyed by all!


2014 June Meeting Report

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The June meeting began with updates on upcoming events, including the Riverfront Museum, the HOI Fair, Farmers Market, the Teach-in and the Houdini tribute. We learned the date for the Diamond Jim Tyler lecture will be September 18.


Jerry Tupper won the first of our incentive program $50. Prizes. Congrats!


Next, we went straight to the magic part of the evening with our theme Grab Bag. Grant Golden had gathered a nice array of various magic tricks that were all then hidden in bags. Each attendee was given a bag by a drawing, and each had a few minutes to study their trick and then perform it.


Jay Zentko was able to make a silk vanish and reappear with a unique gimmick, not often seen. Regis Kormick demonstrated rope through neck and body. Michael Baker made coins appear in two small cups, and Jerry Tupper performed Comedy Split Deck.


Brock Cassidy did the One Ace Trick, Grant Golden showed a wand and silk trick. Rodney Nordstrom had a Die, Rod and Tube penetration, and also performed Devil’s Nails. Kyle Bassett made salt poured from a shaker change to a ball and then demonstrated rope through neck.


Barb Griffin showed three cards and one disappeared. Grant Golden then read the risqué patter that Barb was wise enough not to use. Bob Sumner showed a torn and restored bill. Michael Couri performed with a deck that caused selected cards to vanish. Brad Borland performed a growing wand and a rattlesnake prediction effect.


Many comments were heard that this was a fun meeting. Several of us gathered at a nearby restaurant for dinner, drinks and more magic.


~ Michael Baker

2014 May Meeting Report

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May meeting report


Our May meeting began with President Rodney Nordstrom giving brief business updates, mostly regarding upcoming events. These included the Riverfront Farmer’s Market (2nd & 4th Saturdays through the Summer), the Believe It or Not Show at the Riverfront Museum July 19, a possible segment with Mark & Gretchen from WHOI-TV, the teaching session and Houdini Tribute in October, and the Bradley basketball halftime show with date TBA.


Rodney and Michael Baker gave a review of Abracorndabra convention this past weekend.


The magic theme for tonight was Flower Magic. Michael Baker began by demonstrating and describing a spring flower segment he once used. This involved a small folding screen that continued to produce flowers and finishes with a shower of several dozen flowers. Michael also demonstrated a trick with matches.


Paul Buob came very well stocked with the many flower devices he uses in his stage show. This involved appearing roses, flowers to silks, color-changing flowers, light up roses, and a floating rose, among other really fun ideas and props. Paul also showed a few ideas with silks that he uses in conjunction with the rose magic.


Grant Golden brought a new Botania, which he recently purchased at a magic auction. This adds to his ever-growing collection of Botanias. He also demonstrated a Garden of Flowers shawl, and discussed ideas for improving the handling of it.


There was a bit of conversation, drinks and dinner, and of course a lot of magic following the formal meeting at a nearby restaurant.


Submitted by Michael Baker – PMA Secretary

2014 April Meeting Report

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April is Alive with Magic in Peoria!


The April meeting, with 14 people in attendance and the first decent weather that we have had in several months, began with a bit of business in the form of updates regarding upcoming events. We have a busy year planned and no sign of stopping yet! The Peoria Magicians Assembly is making a point of increasing our visibility within the community. This involves several planned public performances, as well as a teach-in day for Cub Scouts in October, that will culminate in a “Tribute to Houdini” show that evening.


Ahead of that, we will perform at the Riverfront Museum and the Heart of Illinois Fair, and be regular attendees at the Farmer’s Market through the summer.


This month also began our new incentive program. Any member who attends all three consecutive meetings in any calendar quarter will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 cash prize for that quarter.


Our theme for the evening was on the topic of “patter”. This began unceremoniously as Regis Kormick took the floor and began discussing his thoughts on patter and it’s value in magic. He described it as putting the magic into magic, and said that the magician should be a storyteller.


This discussion went on for quite some time, with almost everyone adding his or her thoughts on this topic. Troy Keefer brought up the point that patter is a great form of misdirection. Rodney Nordstrom gave us the dictionary definition of patter and then introduced us to a book, “Sleights of Mind”, which is an in-depth study on the psychology of words, as used in magic. He also brought up a mini-discussion of using patter to recover from mistakes.


Jerry Tupper brought up the use of comedy in patter, a discussion that transcended into a discussion on the use of negative put downs and certain comedy props… a bit of a side track for us all as we joined that mini discussion, but one worth the exploration.


Dr Ron Sumner brought up a good point in mentioning that patter can easily be overused, as well as underused. Most agreed that first drafts of patter are often way too long and are trimmed back with experience.


Grant Golden demonstrated a Chinese Sticks routine using an old patter bit, a story of Sing Hi and Sing Lo. This was obviously recognized as being obsolete with regard to political correctness, but was used to demonstrate how patter can be used to integrate with a trick to give a level of meaning to the action.


Michael Baker demonstrated a Cut & Restored Rope, and a Sponge Ball/Gozinta Box routine, both of which used patter with a nostalgic theme.


Finally, Betty Giacobazzi performed a routine she calls “Sam & Andy”, a story trick with a deck of cards, not unlike “Sam, the Bellhop”. This was performed with apparent confidence, and I think left a few of us stunned by the chops of this newcomer to the club.


There was a bit of split-group discussion following the meeting, and several of us met in the parking lot to look over and purchase some books and other items from Gordon Snow’s estate. Grant Golden has been doing a wonderful job helping Janie Snow deal with this monumental task.


Visit us when you can! We meet third Monday of each month at Schnucks on University at Glen (in the Metro Center).

2014 March Meeting Report

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On March 1st we held our annual auction at Congregational United Church in Pekin, where our Past President is the pastor. Thanks to him for arranging this location for us. The event was filled with many tables of regular sale items and the auction block was humming with the larger and higher priced items. Lots of members sold their items and many others went home with their newly acquired goodies.


Our March meeting was called to order by PMA President Rodney Nordstrom. There were 13 members in attendance.


The topic was “Present your favorite magic trick or discuss your favorite magician”. It was interesting to get feedback on the most popular tricks and favorite magicians.


Much of the evening’s discussion was aimed at our annual show on April 5th at Expo Gardens’ Opera House.. Rodney outlined our goals this year. Media blitz will start next week with several television and radio appearances by our magicians. Our show lineup includes eight magicians and our MC, Jay Zenko on a Matinee and Evening Show, too. Many different disciplines of magic will be included, from manipulation to comedy, and from mentalism to illusions.


As part of our arrangement with Expo Gardens, we will be doing 20 performances at the Heart of Illinois fair in July.


Also in July will be a performance at the Riverfront Museum, in conjunction with their exhibit theme of “Believe it or Not”. In the same area of town, every other Saturday throughout the summer, we will have a tent at the Riverfront Farmer’s Market, where we will perform close-up.


As if that weren't enough, we are also planning a "Tribute to Houdini" for October and will be performing at the men's Bradley University basketball game later this year in front of over six thousand people! We want to thank all those who are volunteering to perform at the events this year and our backstage help, as well!

2013 November Meeting Report

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Our monthly meeting was held on December 16, 2013 at Schnucks Supermarket with 13 in attendance. The topic was Silk Magic and we had several members who demonstrated their routines. First was our President, Jerry Tupper, who demonstrated a changing color silk and silks to rope routine. Then Grant Golden discussed the advantages and disadvantages of diamond cut silks and the various sizes and use them in a routine with a Hank Ball. Grant also did a Tenkai technique and silk through rope. He ended with a fresh routine with a coin vanishing in silk. Our newest member, Kent Tazellar, did a perplexing thimble routine on his first night at the meeting. Way to go Kenneth. We welcome Ken’s son Patrick too.

Also discussed was our annual banquet set for Sunday, January 19, 2014 at Hy-Vee on Sheridan Road here in Peoria. The price is $15.00 per person for the buffet, which starts at 5:30 and our featured performers are our own Remarkable Jay Zenko and J.R. Thomas from Champaign. Please make reservations by calling our treasurer Brad Borland.

Our club auction is the first week in February where members sell their well-used wares. Other magic groups are also welcome to sale. We do not have any lecturers for the first part of the year and are considering a new location more conveniently located for our members. Also discussed was the third annual show at Exposition Gardens in Peoria. It will be the first or second weekend in April and two shows are planned. In the past, these shows have been well received by our community. The shows feature our experienced stage magicians so save the weekend to come out to support the club.

April Meeting Report

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April Meeting Report


President Jerry Tupper opened our April meeting, by introducing guests and giving a briefing on the public shows. VP, Rodney Nordstrom briefed us on the riverfront shows this summer.


Our theme was “Magic from Books and Magazines”. Michael Seyfert wanted ropes tied together, but ended up with ropes tied to a box of TIDE. Regis Kormick described a card prediction that he likes from “Magic Digest. Michael Baker performed “The Great Rope Trick” from “Magic Digest”.


Grant Golden began by demonstrating and then teaching “The Jumping Bands”. He then did likewise with “Copper and Silver Coins in a Hanky”. Finally, he brought three people up and tied them together with long ribbons, only to have them magically penetrate through all the helpers.


Mike Tate described a book by Paul Winchell, from which he learned his skill at ventriloquism. Mike’s “distant voice” is one of the best I’ve ever heard. Jay Zentko showed us “The Piano Trick” from “Scarne on Cards”. Alan Broomfield reminded us all of the great information found in “Royal Road to Card Magic”.


Next month is “Magic with Flowers”.

November meeting report

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We began with election of officers, followed by updates on banquet and auction. Magic theme "Turkey Tricks (tricks that turned out to be turkeys). President Jerryt Tupper showed several items that were questionable, and turkey quality. We managed to figure out one card trick, and somewhat figured out a candle trick that seemed to have missing pieces. Michael Baker showed a Christmas theme Nest of Boxes using a ring borrowed from Barb Griffin.