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July Meeting Report

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President Jerry Tupper opened the meeting with a few bits of news and business, including an update on the Central Illinois Get-Together in October, and the annual picnic which will be held on September 9th.

C.J. Diamond gave a report on progress of our appearances at the Heart of Illinois Fair.

We had one guest this month, Joseph Zompetti, who is from the Bloomington-Normal area, and a member of the Champagne, IL club.

Our theme this month, considering what was expected to be a light attendance was “Video Night”. We all enjoyed watching several performances of magicians from the near and distant past

June 2012 meeting report – Peoria, IL

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President Jerry Tupper kicked off the June meeting with some quick updates on the Farmer’s Market Shows, Schnuck’s Family Day, and the revision of the club’s by-laws.

CJ Diamond briefed us on the Heart of Illinois fair schedule of performances.

Jerry displayed a nice hand lettered Peoria Magicians Assembly sign made by Mike Tate.

Michael Baker provided the mini lecture on the topic of pocket magic. He discussed a variety of ways that pockets may be used in the course of magic performance, and gave examples with an eight ball trick and a card to match box. CJ added to the discussion with a few extra ideas.

Michael Seyfert asked us for suggestions regarding his rope routine. Several members pitched in with their thoughts.

Jerry Tupper was the featured performer and demonstrated a nice prediction effect with small colored bears. He then performed Paul Hallas’ ESPecially Wild, and then showed us all how to make Bob Knigge’s Mini Pearl

Gambit gave demonstrations of some of the magic he uses in the bar, including ice to coin, ice to dollar bill, and a card routine with a nice card to pocket sequence.

As always, there was some after-meeting discussion and sharing of ideas.

PMA July Meeting

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This month We take the time to relax after the crazy weeks  this month to sit back and watch a magic DVD. The DVD might be Magic clips/specials, or it might be a tech/lecture DVD. come and Find out. You never know. You may learn something new =)


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Troy Keefer has agreed to give a mini lecture on "Close-up" magic at our January meeting. Is there anyone of us on the Board willing do 15 minutes of "close- up" magic following Troy's lecture? IF U HAVENT SEEN TROY DO CLOSE UP NOW IS YOUR TIME!!!!! BRING PEN AND PAPER AND STEAL A LINE OR TWO!!!!!!!!!


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Hi all.


Please mark your calendar for the PMA Board meeting on MONDAY, JANUARY 9, 2012. It will start at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the Bob Evans Restaurant in East Peoria. I have made arrangements for us to have a table that will be separate from most of the diners. I plan to have a minimum of 6 Board meeting in 2012 so that we can limit discussing business items at our regular PMA meetings and focus primarily on magic.


I believe the format that Grant introduced last year for the meetings of a mini lecture by a PMA member followed by a member and others performing magic connected to the lecture theme worked well. I hope to continue this format in 2012. Troy Keefer has agreed to give a mini lecture on "Close-up" magic at our January meeting. Is there anyone of us on the Board willing do 15 minutes of "close- up" magic following Troy's lecture?


Yes, thanks to Troy reminding me, there will be a regular PMA meeting the day after our annual banquet. As a general policy, I think it is advisable not to cancel the regularly scheduled monthly meeting, plus I don't want to risk loosing our meeting site since we have just begun to get established there.


There are several items that we need to work on in 2012 for the benefit of the PMA. We can determine what they all are in January. The tentative agenda I have for the Board meeting is as follows:

1 - Setting the themes for each of the PMA meetings for the year.

2 - Establishing the Committee for the club show in April

3 - Report from the Convention Committee regarding the Central Illinois Get-together in September.

4 - Report regarding the Proposal to the Heart of Illinois Fair

5 - Financial report of PMA from Brad.

6 - Establishing a Committee to review and revise the PMA By-laws.


If you have any pressing items that should be on the January agenda, please let me know so I can include them.


I thank each of you for willing to serve on the PMA Board this next year. I hope we can do some things to move the PMA forward in a positive direction. See you in January.


Have a Merry Christmas!