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Summer of Magic (June-July 2013)

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Lots of magic happening in Peoria this summer, including performances at the Heart of Illinois Fair July 12-20, and at the Riverfront Farmers market on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays all Summer, as well as our regular meetings.


The June meeting began with President Jerry Tupper having various members give updates on the events mentioned above, and discussion on new business cards for the PMA.


We had one guest this evening, Logan. Jerry Tupper began the magic with a silk production that transformed into a silk fountain with a flag finale. Very pretty and appropriate to the theme of Patriotic Magic very soon before the 4th of July holiday.


Michael Baker brought along a new item he had made, The Okito Tea Canister Mystery, which he performed. A decorative tea canister with a borrowed object inside magically moves from one tube to another and a fishbowl on a stand shows up in the other tube. Michael then performed his Famous Five Card Trick at the request of Grant Golden.


Gambit did a cool trick with reversed card, in which the entire deck reversed itself around a selected card. He then did Francis Menotti’s toxic prediction. Finally, he demonstrated his handling of The Hopping Halves.


A few days later in this week of lots of magic, Oscar Munoz treated us to a fine lecture. He showed several things he entertains children with, including his strange ability to sneeze up donuts, seemingly by the dozen. He also did a well-polished Linking Ring Routine, among many other great pieces of magic.


President Jerry Tupper opened the July meeting by presenting Doc Lowery with a can of road kill possum in honor of Doc’s vent puppet, Awesome the Possum. Guests, Logan and Bob were then introduced to the group.


We next heard updates on the Heart of Illinois Fair, where several of our members were performing. There was an official club good-bye for CJ Diamond, who is moving to Boston later this month. We are also having a going away party at Bartonville Diner. CJ graciously gave everyone a gift of a group of magic effects that he had compiled into very nice give-away packages.


Grant Golden began the theme for the month of “Magic with a Message”. He showed rope and silk tricks that tied nicely into his message of fire safety.


Terry Meridan demonstrated how it is impossible to catch a bill dropped, even though it is easily within the grasp of the person trying. Jerry Tupper was the unfortunate person who kept missing the money, but segued nicely into his performance, with “The Mother of all Diamonds”, a wonderful story with a message about having patience.


Mike Tate showed his floating water bottle and then gave a safety message using a finger in a box that came alive. Michael Seyfert showed several effects with rope, including Ring & Rope, Pet Ropes that changed color and then blended into striped ropes, and Jump Ropes.


Doc Lowery shared a gag he used to use on TV called Frozen Hair Tonic. Finally, Jerry Tupper returned to the spotlight with an inspired rendition of Gene Anderson’s “Old Mother Hubbard” Die Box routine.


There was a lot of small group discussion after the meeting before several of us met across the street at a restaurant for dinner, drinks and more magic talk.

Farmers Market.

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Things have been heating up this summer, and I don't just mean the heat. The PMA are workin hard to provide the Downtown Peoria's Farmers Market with Magical fun and entertainment. We meet down there at 9:30am to set up, and we start at 10am, running through till 12pm.  We will be down there every 2nd, and 4th Saturday of the month all the way through September. So if you would like to join us, and try out some new material, this is the best time to do so =).

3rd Central Illinois Magic Competition

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We just finished up our 3rd anual magic competition. We had a great turn out and alot of great acts, and we had alot of people join us online to whatch but due to technical dificulty we werent able to keep broadcasting. 3rd. place was taken by our own CJ diamiond, who dazzled the audience with his levitation of a barrowed $10 note. 2nd place was taken by our own Magic by Yort (Troy Keefer) were he had the audience gripping their side with his compelling 3 Sponge ball routine. And finally the first place was taking by an out of towner. Couri. He had a fun filled energetic sct that just took the audience by storm.

The honorable mentions of the evening were as follows.

Rodney Nordstrom, with his comedic mentalistic effect

Jay Zentko, With his amazing news paper tear illusion and his gags.

Mike tait Dr. ODD. With docs words of wisdom Mike took the stage.

Brad Borland, with his amazing cut and restored silk trick.

Mr. Illusion and his influental mental routine.

Gambit with his incredible intuition card Trick.

Also To the spectator who volenteered the most and also an up and coming young Magican. Christian

It was a great time, we all had alot of fun, we cant wait till nxt year. =)

Return To Hogwarts Magic Show.

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Hey everyone if you haven't heard yet, we are being offered a chance to perform an evening show at the Return To Hogwarts Festival. This is trully exciting and is a chance for some of us to get up on stage and perform. I don't have all of the Specs yet, but that is to come. And as  soon as I know I 'll let all of you know.

If you want more info Contact me. thank you.