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2014 April Meeting Report

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April is Alive with Magic in Peoria!


The April meeting, with 14 people in attendance and the first decent weather that we have had in several months, began with a bit of business in the form of updates regarding upcoming events. We have a busy year planned and no sign of stopping yet! The Peoria Magicians Assembly is making a point of increasing our visibility within the community. This involves several planned public performances, as well as a teach-in day for Cub Scouts in October, that will culminate in a “Tribute to Houdini” show that evening.


Ahead of that, we will perform at the Riverfront Museum and the Heart of Illinois Fair, and be regular attendees at the Farmer’s Market through the summer.


This month also began our new incentive program. Any member who attends all three consecutive meetings in any calendar quarter will be entered into a drawing for a $50.00 cash prize for that quarter.


Our theme for the evening was on the topic of “patter”. This began unceremoniously as Regis Kormick took the floor and began discussing his thoughts on patter and it’s value in magic. He described it as putting the magic into magic, and said that the magician should be a storyteller.


This discussion went on for quite some time, with almost everyone adding his or her thoughts on this topic. Troy Keefer brought up the point that patter is a great form of misdirection. Rodney Nordstrom gave us the dictionary definition of patter and then introduced us to a book, “Sleights of Mind”, which is an in-depth study on the psychology of words, as used in magic. He also brought up a mini-discussion of using patter to recover from mistakes.


Jerry Tupper brought up the use of comedy in patter, a discussion that transcended into a discussion on the use of negative put downs and certain comedy props… a bit of a side track for us all as we joined that mini discussion, but one worth the exploration.


Dr Ron Sumner brought up a good point in mentioning that patter can easily be overused, as well as underused. Most agreed that first drafts of patter are often way too long and are trimmed back with experience.


Grant Golden demonstrated a Chinese Sticks routine using an old patter bit, a story of Sing Hi and Sing Lo. This was obviously recognized as being obsolete with regard to political correctness, but was used to demonstrate how patter can be used to integrate with a trick to give a level of meaning to the action.


Michael Baker demonstrated a Cut & Restored Rope, and a Sponge Ball/Gozinta Box routine, both of which used patter with a nostalgic theme.


Finally, Betty Giacobazzi performed a routine she calls “Sam & Andy”, a story trick with a deck of cards, not unlike “Sam, the Bellhop”. This was performed with apparent confidence, and I think left a few of us stunned by the chops of this newcomer to the club.


There was a bit of split-group discussion following the meeting, and several of us met in the parking lot to look over and purchase some books and other items from Gordon Snow’s estate. Grant Golden has been doing a wonderful job helping Janie Snow deal with this monumental task.


Visit us when you can! We meet third Monday of each month at Schnucks on University at Glen (in the Metro Center).


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The following members were in attendance: Brad Borland, Michael Baker, Jay

Zenko, Dr. Jerry Tupper and Rodney Nordstrom.

Members not present were Grant Golden and Kyle Bassett.

Our meeting started with approval of the board minutes for February 3rd, by

unanimous agreement.



The Apollo Theatre possibility was revisited. It was the general consensus

of the board that we should proceed with additional information from the Apollo and that

it would be a HOUDINI TRIBUTE. It was also discussed that we need a partner with a

local group to help with attendance and possible defray some cost. Naturally, in the

event we have a partner on this endeavor some sort of monetary split would be

expected. Rodney will continue to update the board on developments and report at the

next meeting. October 25th

was discussed as a possible date. Expo Gardens was

identified as a back-up plan.


Jerry Tupper has made contact with Brian Ualenhopt from the Boy Scouts. We

are planning an event on October 25th

at the Opera House at Expo Gardens primarily

toward teaching magic to youngsters. It was also discussed about the possibility of the

Boy Scouts earning a merit badge for their attendance and participation. Other youth

agencies could attend if they wish. Jerry will continue to work with the Boy Scouts while

board members will attempt to identify other groups who might want to participate in the

magic training on October 25th



No discussion. This topic was tabled.


Rodney reported that he is still pursuing the opportunity to present magic at the

local libraries. He will continue to develop this opportunity for local magicians to present

for one hour at various libraries.



Jerry indicated that he contacted Dave Osborn about the use of Troublefree as a

place for our lectures. Jerry said that David was acceptable with that.


A final list of performers was prepared by Michael Baker. Performers and the

amount of time allotted to each were agreed upon. Michael Baker also indicated he had

a contract with the sound and lighting provider for the same terms as last year. The

evening show will consist of Ken Tassalar, Gambit, D’Nordo, C J Diamond, Michael

Baker, Jerry Tupper, Grant Golden and Troy Keefer. The matinee show will be the

same performers and adding Troy Keefer’s son, James, to the performers list.


Brad Borland, our Treasurer, reported that we made a $175.60 from our auction

last week. Our ending balance for February was approximately $4,400.


Rodney said we were asked to perform at the Farmer’s Market by Sharon

Graham every other Saturday morning as we have done at the riverfront for the last

three years. It would start June 14, 2014 and be the 2nd

and 4th

Saturdays thereafter.


Rodney will contact all media late March regarding the April 5th



Rodney will call SAM at IBM for insurance quotes for the main events this year.


Rodney and Michael met with the director of the Peoria Museum. We might have

the opportunity to do a show(s) during Ripley’s Believe It Or Not month in September.

The location is not ideal but does offer close-up opportunities on a 50 ft. screen.


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The following members were in attendance: Brad Borland, Michael Baker, Jay Zenko, Dr. Jerry Tupper, Grant Golden, Kyle Bassett and Rodney Nordstrom.

Our next club meeting is set for Monday, February 17th at 7:00 o’clock at Schnucks Grocery Store in Peoria and the topic will be LOVE magic.

Auction: our auction this year will be held Saturday, March 1st at the Congregational Church, 2200 Willow in Pekin, Illinois (corner of Willow and Parkway). Any questions should be directed to Jerry Tupper at (309) 673-7899. Doors open at 11:00 for dealers with the formal auction beginning at 12:00 to 6:00 P.M. Tables available for $10.00 per table for items selling for less than $10.00.

Apolo Theatre the possibility of doing a tribute to Harry Houdini during the month of October to coincide with his death was discussed. The group was generally in favor of pursuing this opportunity but we need more input and information.

Bradley Basketball half time show. The board generally agreed that it was worth pursuing to perform at a half time Bradley Basketball show that would last approximately seven minutes. We have many months to develop this opportunity but seems like a good chance to get public exposure for our group. Rodney will keep the board informed.

Our annual show will be April 5th. Many members expressed an interest in performing at this year’s show which will be held on Saturday, April 5th at Expo Gardens. The Board agreed to hire the sound and lighting guy from last year at the cost of approximately $250.00. There will be two shows on April the 5th one at two o’clock which will be the child’s matinée and then Saturday evening at 7:00 consisting of all members who wish to perform. So far the list includes about 8 or 9 possible performers and minutes per performance will be adjusted accordingly so that all wishing to perform would likely have an opportunity to perform. Gambit will be designing the tickets entitled AN EVENING OF MAGIC and matinee tickets will be priced at $5.00 per person for both children and adults and the evening show will be $10.00 with one free ticket for the child and $5.00 for each additional child. A two color ticket system will be used as it worked well last year. Gambit will forward ticket design to board members this week.

Libraries: We will be pursuing doing performances at local libraries. Also discussed was the possibility of setting up glass display cases at the library. The library is getting some ideas for us to explore, e.g. dates and $ budget.

Boy Scotts: Jerry said he has some contacts with this group and will contact them to see if we can possibly do some teaching so they could earn some kind of performance badge.

Jerry Tupper said that he would contact Dave Osborn from Trouble Free Plumbing to tell him that the auction will be changed to a new location this year. We do want to thank him for letting us use his place to meet. It is also agreed that we would like to keep the lectures at his place for this year if it is okay with him.

Web Page: Gambit gets a big Kudos for his work on our web page.


Evolution of Magic

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To evolve magic the, things we need to do.

-Share. (Sharing methods, tricks, routines with others to start creative thinking)

-Collaborate. (Team up with other magicians, artists or anyone with a passion to create unique Ideas and Help start a creative prosses)

-Teach. (Teach anyone willing to learn. This can open a new realm of possibilities)

-Communicate. (Communicate with others, share expirences, Disscuss Issues)

-Perform. (The more we perform, the more we grow. Performing creates unique expirences which can create new ideas)

-Bring in outside interests. ( if you like to draw or paint, think about how you can tie that into your work. Any hobby can be tied into a magic act in some shape or form)

-Take a step back (Sometimes the answers right in front of you but your to close to see it. The closer you are, the Less you'll see)

-Think in another prospective. (some say proseption is reality. Just by asking yourself how dose this person see this, can open your mind to thinking from different points of view. The more points of view you see, the more you will understand.)

This all is based on the Idea of Creativity and collaboration. These are the Fundimental building blocks for the evoluition in our art. some of the sound easy, or common sence. But really you would be surprised. Think about it this way. How many times have you read an Insperational quote thats basis is centered around makeing your life better...etc? And how many of those that you read, sounded really easy, common sence, or possible? 

Now I would like for you to think about, How many of those have you actually put into practice? When we all first start doing something we tend to move it around, play with it, and expirement. Just a little but we are doing so with what we have learned about it before or during. But then we start to focus on a specific narrowed path and mos of us will be stuck in this for the rest of our life. We will have a tendencie to turn our nose up or away from other ideas that ar not in our field of interest. For example. If your only a close-up magician, you will most likely turn away from a lecture about stage magic. Mainly because they may both be magic, but the teckniques used for missdirection, communication..etc are all different, but If said person where to of sat down and opened his mind not only could he find something that would help eleivate him in his close-up work, but we would be exposing the idea subconsiouly to except all ideas and to start broadening his focus. 

This is way I have so many interests in magic, and in life. Keeping my self open minded and open practiced, gives me a massive evolutonary advantage. Sadly my focus is to broad and i tend to sway around a lot and not actually point the needle if I must say. (give a specific direction) Magicians who think only of that of magic, tend to repeat the cliche thought prossece we all seem to know and tolerate for the better. But those who have other practices have other Ideas. Any trick in a show that seems to be repetitive (method, patter...etc) shows a one way thought prosses of said effect, but Effects and routine that are based around other ideas...IE. Music, art, Tech, Redneck...etc tend to have a more interesting appeal, ecven to us magicians. We will open our eyes wide to a different kind of Magician. 

Some of these sub Magicians as I call them, Wich dosnt imply that they are lessor or better than the noted cliche modern practisioner ,but that their interst delv deeper into other forms than just that of magic, can be hit or misses. Some can play big, some can just go home. We shouldn't always dismiss another magician if they "Suck" or if we dissagree with their performance. Unless we really know that their not getting beter, If so offer to help. We should always see that this person is still evolving as a performer and still has a lot to learn. I'm open to say that I am not a great performer, by far. But I also know tat I still have a long way to go, a lot more to learn. And the only way to learn the tricks of the trade are to perform more and make mistakes. 

Mistakes. This word allow can make the grown and practiced performer cower in fear. But we need to stop seeing mistakes a negitive. Unles you injure another person in your act. Then it is a problem. But peope often think that the road to success is a two street. Where we practice and perform and succeed on a train to the good life, or a train that leads to stuck performing a in an unlikly area for unlikly clientell barely making it by due to not takeing an opertnity. Success is not about the right oppurtunity at the right time. Trust. Its a horrible thing to get an opritunity and to make it, only to fail because you were not ready for that moment yet.

Think of Success like a winding road. At each corner there is a failure, but every know and again there is an intersection. This intersection, is oportunity. At this point, wile your waiting for the light to turn, you must ask your self should you keep going str8 and work hard and get better or am I ready to turn right, down this road of opportunity? I will say some times you should take a risk and close your eyes and make the urn, it will just be another winding road, weather it leads str8 to success or it takes you back around, that is all up to you and where you want to go.

Dedication, persaverence, and disapline. These three words sound easy, but offer a world wide life of success. You become only what you try to become. If you don't try, you will never become. Life only moves forward for those who walk even when their to tired to walk, to over come the obstacles in their way and to see every negitive and every rejection as a new expirence that they can grow from, soon those nos and rejections and negitives will start to deminish and you will start seeing the horizon of the rising sun, ful of positives and aproval. But even at this stage we can see that things may seem to start going our way, we must keep in mind that the negitives, and rejections are still out there, and that we must be prepared to run into the old friend now and again. This is the most difficult task of all. After you succeed, sometimes its a simple No that can burst your bubble and send you back down to Earth, hard on your face, with a boat up your ass Thats when it is your choice to either sit there for the rest of your life with a boot up your ass and your face in the dirt, or wil you stand up dust yourself off and send that boot right back to the fire of wence it came. To take the leap and never give up.

Fall down 8 times, but get back up 9.

To be continued...

David Gabby Lecture Nov. 12th, 2013

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A creator of original magic, and regular Magic Castle performer, David Gabbay is modern approach to this age old art can make your magic amazing. In 2010 David Gabbay starred in his own one man Hollywood theater show, “Caught In A Miracle" to sold out houses and critical acclaim. A multiple award winner, most recently in 2011, David competed with magicians from across the country at the prestigious TAOM convention to earn himself the First Place Award for Close-Up Magic. David is a really impressive magician who is just starting to break out in our magic community. He is really fun to watch with some cutting edge techniques and misdirection. One of those you don't know what's going to happen next kind of shows and really original. Almost all of his stuff is original, he's done a few lectures now and wants to do more. Here is a video of him on (including his whole close-up show):

David Gabbay is a talented, award winning magician and creator of some of the most visual, cutting edge effects put out in recent years. Fresh off a successful one man Hollywood show – soon to be featured in an upcoming MAGIC Magazine article – his abilities transcend the perception of what magic can look like performed on any stage or just inches away.

Through his lifelong devotion towards refining and perfecting every aspect of his art, David has received awards and recognition from the magic community. He is currently one of the Magic Castle’s favorite performers and is in constant demand by seasoned veterans and members alike.

David’s interactive lecture is meant to be an entertaining, informative discussion on some of his original effects and creative thinking, with something for magicians at every skill level.

♠ David’s Coin opener - This original opener creates huge reactions right off the bat and is a mini masterclass in misdirection and deception. There is little cover, and once mastered, will give the performer confidence to perform other bolder effects. A must see!

♠ Coins Through Silk & Sanchez Fly - These two original coin routines produce a powerful one two punch. Spectators get up close and personal, seeing and hearing the coins melt, vanish, and reappear in these comedic yet daring handlings you will love to perform. (Demo only)

♠ David’s Topit – Need to make something vanish fast? David’s use of the topit enables different vanishes and switches, using a three coin routine as an example. He shows how to vanish multiple coins silently, with further thoughts on using a topit and sleeving sparingly but effectively.

♠ Coin in Purse to Box – Highly visual award winning effect, this is David’s modern twist on Nest of Boxes that helped win first place at the 2011 TAOM Convention Close-up Competition. Also includes David’s thoughts on how he masters his timing and misdirection that’s his calling card.

♠ Card to Impossible Locations (2 effects) – A demonstration on being bold, taking chances, and most importantly, controlled timing with a clever close-up black art principle effect. Also includes a surprising pen from purse that can be used anywhere, anytime.

♠ Coin in sugar packet – A fully impromptu effect that has gained notoriety. This was originally featured in Genii Magazine and brought David well deserved national recognition.

♠ Tic-Tac box and specially designed card case – A solid original effect that will soon be part of your repertoire, complete with a chop cup-esque routine. For the first time, David reveals how to make his brilliant Tic-Tac box gimmick that even has real Tic-Tacs deceptively appear. The ingenious card case also allows you to steal objects even when it’s closed.

♠ Tossed Out Tech – A new, original jelly bean effect based on “tossed out deck” that plays around with the sense of taste. A really cool, new concept in magic you won’t see anywhere else.

♠ Stitch – Visually move your polo shirt's logo in full view. Ends by showing the logo is permanently stitched on, and is fully examinable. Crazy unreal!

♠ Bounce/No Bounce Balls – A really fun routine with bouncing balls where you finish up by bouncing the ball that just previously wouldn't bounce.

♠ Bonus – David presents a method that allows one to hand out their business card in the context of a card effect.

*Throughout the lecture David will discuss his experience on topics ranging from timing & misdirection, keeping a magic journal, goal setting, blending techniques, connecting with the audience, managing the peaks and valleys of your performance, tips on beginning and ending a show, and routining an act that flows and blends to keep audiences fully engaged in this twitter age.


“David Gabbay takes dusty classics and gives them a fresh, young, entertaining twist that makes them not only watchable but HIGHLY entertaining!" - Joe Monti

"David's magic is smartly constructed, visual and designed for the enjoyment of the laity. Watch him closely." - Eric Jones

"David Gabbay likes magic to be fun, and all his tricks reflect that." - David Acer

“…interesting magic by a thoughtful young creator” - Jamy Ian Swiss

For more information, take a look at his website at:

Date is subject to change.

His Final Vanishing Act

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Gordon M. Snow

"Gordon M. Snow, 75, of Pekin passed away at 9:22 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013, at the OSF Richard L. Owens Hospice Home in Peoria.

He was born June 2, 1938, in Watseka to Gordon H. and Elsie I. (Minier) Snow. He married Janie Herron on July 19, 1994, in Pekin. She survives.

Also surviving are three daughters, Laura (Rob) Adamski of Springfield, Teresa (Duke) Sayles of Pekin and Tammy (Steve) Bushong of Peoria; one son, Gordon D. (Beth) Snow of Dubai; 10 grandchildren; five great-grandchildren; and two sisters, Sheryl (O.B.) Pace of Sterling and Trisha Snow of Springfield.

He was preceded in death by his parents.

Gordon had formerly served in the United States Army Reserve.

Gordon worked for the former First National Bank in Pekin for more than 10 years and also managed the Frontier Auditorium, located on Brenkman Drive in Pekin, until its closing. He also worked for the Pekin Area Board of Realtors as its executive vice president for several years and then for the Greater Springfield Board of Realtors for eight years.

Anyone who knew Gordon though, knew that magic was his life. He had performed comedy, close up, stand up and stage magic throughout the United States and in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Hotel. He was a member and past president of the Peoria Magicians Assembly and was currently serving as its vice-president.

Gordon was a member of Empire Lodge 126, Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Illinois in Pekin.

Gordon enjoyed spending time in the outdoors, fishing and hunting. He also enjoyed traveling and gardening.

He was a member of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Pekin.

His funeral service will be at 11 a.m. Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013, at Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes & Crematory in Pekin. Father Brian T. Kellington will officiate. Visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the funeral home, with a Masonic service held at 4:30 p.m. The broken wand ceremony will immediately follow the funeral service on Wednesday. Burial will be in Glendale Memorial Gardens in Pekin.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made to OSF Hospice, 2265 W. Altorfer Drive, Peoria, IL 61615.

To express condolences online, visit

- See more at:"

When I first started learning magic, one of the school counslers told me about an amazing magician by the name of Gordon Snow. She told me that shes seen him perform several times at several functions and that she always looks forward to seeing it again. Later on I looked him up in the phone book and copied his number down, determined to contact him. But I was to afraid to, In my 16yr old eyes Gordon was a celebrity. I felt if I did contact him, what would I say, Would he just ignore me and hang up as if he didnt have the time to deal with a geeky magic enthusist. So I kept the numbrer in my wallet for a wile, telling myself that I will call. 

Derby Days Pekin IL. 2006

Me and my firend were riding our bikes around and decided to ride past Derby Days, Since we where in the area.  We rode by not planing on stopping and I was telling him one day I'll have a show and perform there. as I we where decideing to head back home Something caught my eye. stright down the parking lot for the school, there was a stage set up and on the stage was a magician. I stopped almost instantly and convinced my friend to stop becuase there was a magician performing. We go in and take a seat near the front an watched the show. Sadley we got there to see the last couple Mins. of the show. After the show me and my firend hesitated then finaly built up the courage to go talk to him. Again in my 16yr old eyes this guy was a pro and I felt hed just be anoyed with being bothered by some weird geeky magic enthusist. I really needed to work on my confidence back then. So we walked up to him and I triduced my self. Still nervouse that he may turn me away. But I was wrong. He turned to me with a smile and introduced himself. When I heard his name I was amazed. I was amazed to run into this person I've heard about. It was like meeting an idol for the first time. Gordon was extremly nice and funny as hell. He showed me a couple tricks. His ring and rope routine, and His hopping halves routine that just blew me away. I was amazed that he wanted to take me under his wing and teach me, and answer any questions I had. That he would help me with what ever I as working on, and he would take me with him to the PMA Meetings. Im proud to of had him as a teacher and most importantly a friend. He was an amazing magic, who not only dazzled audiences around the world with his Magic, but also with his sence of humor, his wit, and impecable charm. He is the kinda person that comes to Mind when you say Magician.  

He may be gone from this Earth, but he will never disapear from our Hearts.

He will be for ever in our hearts, in our minds, and in our prayers.

Summer of Magic (June-July 2013)

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Lots of magic happening in Peoria this summer, including performances at the Heart of Illinois Fair July 12-20, and at the Riverfront Farmers market on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays all Summer, as well as our regular meetings.


The June meeting began with President Jerry Tupper having various members give updates on the events mentioned above, and discussion on new business cards for the PMA.


We had one guest this evening, Logan. Jerry Tupper began the magic with a silk production that transformed into a silk fountain with a flag finale. Very pretty and appropriate to the theme of Patriotic Magic very soon before the 4th of July holiday.


Michael Baker brought along a new item he had made, The Okito Tea Canister Mystery, which he performed. A decorative tea canister with a borrowed object inside magically moves from one tube to another and a fishbowl on a stand shows up in the other tube. Michael then performed his Famous Five Card Trick at the request of Grant Golden.


Gambit did a cool trick with reversed card, in which the entire deck reversed itself around a selected card. He then did Francis Menotti’s toxic prediction. Finally, he demonstrated his handling of The Hopping Halves.


A few days later in this week of lots of magic, Oscar Munoz treated us to a fine lecture. He showed several things he entertains children with, including his strange ability to sneeze up donuts, seemingly by the dozen. He also did a well-polished Linking Ring Routine, among many other great pieces of magic.


President Jerry Tupper opened the July meeting by presenting Doc Lowery with a can of road kill possum in honor of Doc’s vent puppet, Awesome the Possum. Guests, Logan and Bob were then introduced to the group.


We next heard updates on the Heart of Illinois Fair, where several of our members were performing. There was an official club good-bye for CJ Diamond, who is moving to Boston later this month. We are also having a going away party at Bartonville Diner. CJ graciously gave everyone a gift of a group of magic effects that he had compiled into very nice give-away packages.


Grant Golden began the theme for the month of “Magic with a Message”. He showed rope and silk tricks that tied nicely into his message of fire safety.


Terry Meridan demonstrated how it is impossible to catch a bill dropped, even though it is easily within the grasp of the person trying. Jerry Tupper was the unfortunate person who kept missing the money, but segued nicely into his performance, with “The Mother of all Diamonds”, a wonderful story with a message about having patience.


Mike Tate showed his floating water bottle and then gave a safety message using a finger in a box that came alive. Michael Seyfert showed several effects with rope, including Ring & Rope, Pet Ropes that changed color and then blended into striped ropes, and Jump Ropes.


Doc Lowery shared a gag he used to use on TV called Frozen Hair Tonic. Finally, Jerry Tupper returned to the spotlight with an inspired rendition of Gene Anderson’s “Old Mother Hubbard” Die Box routine.


There was a lot of small group discussion after the meeting before several of us met across the street at a restaurant for dinner, drinks and more magic talk.

Officers of 2013

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During our Novemeber meeting we held the elections for new officers. Now before the new officers run up and take their place over looking the club, they have to installed into the position. The installation of the new officers will be held during our annual banquet, on January 20th.

Here Is the Line up for Installation into office.

President: Jerry Tupper

Vice President: Rodney Nordstrom

Secretary: Michael Baker

Treasurer: Brad Borland

IBM Rep: Gordan Snow

SAM Rep: Jay Zentko

FCM Rep: Doc Lowery.

So lets give them a round of applause, and we thank you for taking the stand. Some of you are repeats in office, and some are new. Lets make 2013 a great year for the PMA. 

November meeting report

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We began with election of officers, followed by updates on banquet and auction. Magic theme "Turkey Tricks (tricks that turned out to be turkeys). President Jerryt Tupper showed several items that were questionable, and turkey quality. We managed to figure out one card trick, and somewhat figured out a candle trick that seemed to have missing pieces. Michael Baker showed a Christmas theme Nest of Boxes using a ring borrowed from Barb Griffin.

Farmers Market.

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Things have been heating up this summer, and I don't just mean the heat. The PMA are workin hard to provide the Downtown Peoria's Farmers Market with Magical fun and entertainment. We meet down there at 9:30am to set up, and we start at 10am, running through till 12pm.  We will be down there every 2nd, and 4th Saturday of the month all the way through September. So if you would like to join us, and try out some new material, this is the best time to do so =).