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Board Members in attendance were Jay Zenko, Jerry Tupper, Gambit, Michael Baker, and Rodney Nordstrom. The meeting started with the Financial Report from our Treasurer, Jay, who reported we have approximately $5,300.00 in our account. Next was old business. The board decided to hold our board meetings at Perkins on War Memorial Drive. The results of the auction were somewhat disappointing in that the club only made about approximately $70.00 from the sales. The turnout was low this year due to inclement whether. Our biggest conversation for the night had to do with the Central Illinois Magic Get Together, better known as the Stars Of America Magic Spectacular. This event will be held on April 25 at Expo Gardens starting at 7:00 with the doors opening at 6:30. The talent is lined up and it appears we are one stage performer short. Michael has volunteered to get somebody to fill that spot. Michael also informs us that the lighting and sound system are lined up. Ticket prices are $10.00 for kids 12 and under and $15.00 for adults. It was decided that we would make 60 posters of our event. Michael and Troy also agreed to check prices so we can get the best possible rate. It was estimated that the poster price would be somewhere between $1.00 to $1.50. In the last magic show we used large screens, however, this year it was decided not to use the screens because they offered very little. Jay informed us that his wife, Becky, would be manning concessions with our club member, Matt, as assistant. Also, since concessions will be going all day, many of the board members will have to fill in as needed. Jay will get a few different snacks together as well as soft drinks for sale. All items will sell for $1.00. Michael informed us that the dealers are going well and we still have room for one more which he is in the process of confirming.

We are in good shape for marketing this year and in fact I have already began public exposure on several web pages including the Chamber of Commerce. Rodney will continue to develop newspaper announcements. The importance of Facebook was highlighted. Troy and others who are familiar with the Facebook will continue to develop all possible contacts. We will put table teepees at restaurants that will allow us to do so. Also, it was discussed to give Eldon Roark copies of the poster so he can make posters and distribute them.

New business consisted of discussion about the possibility of performing at the Chiefs' game this year. It was anticipated that there would be two to three magicians doing walk around and an after game show on the infield perhaps at the pitchers mound with kids on the field sitting and watching. It was estimated that this event would last approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the fireworks started. We have been asked to again perform at the farmers market this year on the second and fourth Saturdays. Also, we are scheduled to perform one or two shows at IGNITE Peoria at the Civic Center in August. This is the second year doing this and we had a good time last year. Performances have yet to be confirmed.

Also, in anticipation of our April 25th show, we are going to do a week of magic starting Monday through Friday and the members have all volunteered to participate once we have identified the location of the respective restaurants. It is recommended that two magicians perform at each of the restaurants and monitor the table teepees announcing our April 25th show. Also, Rodney and Michael have been in contact with Leslie Renken from the Peoria Journal Star and trying to get her to do an interview regarding our event.

Our monthly topic for March is glass magic followed by April freestyle magic, May is flower magic, June is office magic and July is creative magic. Also, we have locked in Pop Haden for our September 19th lecture with the location to be announced.


2014 October Meeting Report

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On October 25th we held our Magic Teach-in for kids. Char Gott, Regis Kormick, Kyle Bassett, C.J. Diamond, and Michael Baker each taught easy to learn tricks. Brad Borland and Rodney Nordstrom were on hand to assist. The turnout was low with only 10 kids in attendance, but it seemed to be a fun time for all involved.


That evening, we had our Tribute to Houdini show to kick off Magic Week. Performers included Grant Golden, Troy Keefer, Jay Zentko, Brad Borland, Matthew Gardner, Kyle and Mollie Sue Pfister, Kyle Bassett, Michael Baker, and C.J. Diamond, who graciously flew in from Boston to be part of the show. Each performed with a tie-in to Houdini. Dennis Peacock served as the MC. Kyle Pfister supplied projection screens that had clips of Houdini running before the show and during intermission. Several other PMA members played integral roles taking tickets, serving concessions, running spotlight and doing close-up magic. The turnout was better than expected and the audience seemed to really like the show.


Happy Magical Halloween!


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The following members were in attendance: Brad Borland, Michael Baker, Jay

Zenko, Dr. Jerry Tupper and Rodney Nordstrom.

Members not present were Grant Golden and Kyle Bassett.

Our meeting started with approval of the board minutes for February 3rd, by

unanimous agreement.



The Apollo Theatre possibility was revisited. It was the general consensus

of the board that we should proceed with additional information from the Apollo and that

it would be a HOUDINI TRIBUTE. It was also discussed that we need a partner with a

local group to help with attendance and possible defray some cost. Naturally, in the

event we have a partner on this endeavor some sort of monetary split would be

expected. Rodney will continue to update the board on developments and report at the

next meeting. October 25th

was discussed as a possible date. Expo Gardens was

identified as a back-up plan.


Jerry Tupper has made contact with Brian Ualenhopt from the Boy Scouts. We

are planning an event on October 25th

at the Opera House at Expo Gardens primarily

toward teaching magic to youngsters. It was also discussed about the possibility of the

Boy Scouts earning a merit badge for their attendance and participation. Other youth

agencies could attend if they wish. Jerry will continue to work with the Boy Scouts while

board members will attempt to identify other groups who might want to participate in the

magic training on October 25th



No discussion. This topic was tabled.


Rodney reported that he is still pursuing the opportunity to present magic at the

local libraries. He will continue to develop this opportunity for local magicians to present

for one hour at various libraries.



Jerry indicated that he contacted Dave Osborn about the use of Troublefree as a

place for our lectures. Jerry said that David was acceptable with that.


A final list of performers was prepared by Michael Baker. Performers and the

amount of time allotted to each were agreed upon. Michael Baker also indicated he had

a contract with the sound and lighting provider for the same terms as last year. The

evening show will consist of Ken Tassalar, Gambit, D’Nordo, C J Diamond, Michael

Baker, Jerry Tupper, Grant Golden and Troy Keefer. The matinee show will be the

same performers and adding Troy Keefer’s son, James, to the performers list.


Brad Borland, our Treasurer, reported that we made a $175.60 from our auction

last week. Our ending balance for February was approximately $4,400.


Rodney said we were asked to perform at the Farmer’s Market by Sharon

Graham every other Saturday morning as we have done at the riverfront for the last

three years. It would start June 14, 2014 and be the 2nd

and 4th

Saturdays thereafter.


Rodney will contact all media late March regarding the April 5th



Rodney will call SAM at IBM for insurance quotes for the main events this year.


Rodney and Michael met with the director of the Peoria Museum. We might have

the opportunity to do a show(s) during Ripley’s Believe It Or Not month in September.

The location is not ideal but does offer close-up opportunities on a 50 ft. screen.


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The following members were in attendance: Brad Borland, Michael Baker, Jay Zenko, Dr. Jerry Tupper, Grant Golden, Kyle Bassett and Rodney Nordstrom.

Our next club meeting is set for Monday, February 17th at 7:00 o’clock at Schnucks Grocery Store in Peoria and the topic will be LOVE magic.

Auction: our auction this year will be held Saturday, March 1st at the Congregational Church, 2200 Willow in Pekin, Illinois (corner of Willow and Parkway). Any questions should be directed to Jerry Tupper at (309) 673-7899. Doors open at 11:00 for dealers with the formal auction beginning at 12:00 to 6:00 P.M. Tables available for $10.00 per table for items selling for less than $10.00.

Apolo Theatre the possibility of doing a tribute to Harry Houdini during the month of October to coincide with his death was discussed. The group was generally in favor of pursuing this opportunity but we need more input and information.

Bradley Basketball half time show. The board generally agreed that it was worth pursuing to perform at a half time Bradley Basketball show that would last approximately seven minutes. We have many months to develop this opportunity but seems like a good chance to get public exposure for our group. Rodney will keep the board informed.

Our annual show will be April 5th. Many members expressed an interest in performing at this year’s show which will be held on Saturday, April 5th at Expo Gardens. The Board agreed to hire the sound and lighting guy from last year at the cost of approximately $250.00. There will be two shows on April the 5th one at two o’clock which will be the child’s matinée and then Saturday evening at 7:00 consisting of all members who wish to perform. So far the list includes about 8 or 9 possible performers and minutes per performance will be adjusted accordingly so that all wishing to perform would likely have an opportunity to perform. Gambit will be designing the tickets entitled AN EVENING OF MAGIC and matinee tickets will be priced at $5.00 per person for both children and adults and the evening show will be $10.00 with one free ticket for the child and $5.00 for each additional child. A two color ticket system will be used as it worked well last year. Gambit will forward ticket design to board members this week.

Libraries: We will be pursuing doing performances at local libraries. Also discussed was the possibility of setting up glass display cases at the library. The library is getting some ideas for us to explore, e.g. dates and $ budget.

Boy Scotts: Jerry said he has some contacts with this group and will contact them to see if we can possibly do some teaching so they could earn some kind of performance badge.

Jerry Tupper said that he would contact Dave Osborn from Trouble Free Plumbing to tell him that the auction will be changed to a new location this year. We do want to thank him for letting us use his place to meet. It is also agreed that we would like to keep the lectures at his place for this year if it is okay with him.

Web Page: Gambit gets a big Kudos for his work on our web page.