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Evolution of Magic

Posted on August 17, 2013 at 11:35 AM

To evolve magic the, things we need to do.

-Share. (Sharing methods, tricks, routines with others to start creative thinking)

-Collaborate. (Team up with other magicians, artists or anyone with a passion to create unique Ideas and Help start a creative prosses)

-Teach. (Teach anyone willing to learn. This can open a new realm of possibilities)

-Communicate. (Communicate with others, share expirences, Disscuss Issues)

-Perform. (The more we perform, the more we grow. Performing creates unique expirences which can create new ideas)

-Bring in outside interests. ( if you like to draw or paint, think about how you can tie that into your work. Any hobby can be tied into a magic act in some shape or form)

-Take a step back (Sometimes the answers right in front of you but your to close to see it. The closer you are, the Less you'll see)

-Think in another prospective. (some say proseption is reality. Just by asking yourself how dose this person see this, can open your mind to thinking from different points of view. The more points of view you see, the more you will understand.)

This all is based on the Idea of Creativity and collaboration. These are the Fundimental building blocks for the evoluition in our art. some of the sound easy, or common sence. But really you would be surprised. Think about it this way. How many times have you read an Insperational quote thats basis is centered around makeing your life better...etc? And how many of those that you read, sounded really easy, common sence, or possible? 

Now I would like for you to think about, How many of those have you actually put into practice? When we all first start doing something we tend to move it around, play with it, and expirement. Just a little but we are doing so with what we have learned about it before or during. But then we start to focus on a specific narrowed path and mos of us will be stuck in this for the rest of our life. We will have a tendencie to turn our nose up or away from other ideas that ar not in our field of interest. For example. If your only a close-up magician, you will most likely turn away from a lecture about stage magic. Mainly because they may both be magic, but the teckniques used for missdirection, communication..etc are all different, but If said person where to of sat down and opened his mind not only could he find something that would help eleivate him in his close-up work, but we would be exposing the idea subconsiouly to except all ideas and to start broadening his focus. 

This is way I have so many interests in magic, and in life. Keeping my self open minded and open practiced, gives me a massive evolutonary advantage. Sadly my focus is to broad and i tend to sway around a lot and not actually point the needle if I must say. (give a specific direction) Magicians who think only of that of magic, tend to repeat the cliche thought prossece we all seem to know and tolerate for the better. But those who have other practices have other Ideas. Any trick in a show that seems to be repetitive (method, patter...etc) shows a one way thought prosses of said effect, but Effects and routine that are based around other ideas...IE. Music, art, Tech, Redneck...etc tend to have a more interesting appeal, ecven to us magicians. We will open our eyes wide to a different kind of Magician. 

Some of these sub Magicians as I call them, Wich dosnt imply that they are lessor or better than the noted cliche modern practisioner ,but that their interst delv deeper into other forms than just that of magic, can be hit or misses. Some can play big, some can just go home. We shouldn't always dismiss another magician if they "Suck" or if we dissagree with their performance. Unless we really know that their not getting beter, If so offer to help. We should always see that this person is still evolving as a performer and still has a lot to learn. I'm open to say that I am not a great performer, by far. But I also know tat I still have a long way to go, a lot more to learn. And the only way to learn the tricks of the trade are to perform more and make mistakes. 

Mistakes. This word allow can make the grown and practiced performer cower in fear. But we need to stop seeing mistakes a negitive. Unles you injure another person in your act. Then it is a problem. But peope often think that the road to success is a two street. Where we practice and perform and succeed on a train to the good life, or a train that leads to stuck performing a in an unlikly area for unlikly clientell barely making it by due to not takeing an opertnity. Success is not about the right oppurtunity at the right time. Trust. Its a horrible thing to get an opritunity and to make it, only to fail because you were not ready for that moment yet.

Think of Success like a winding road. At each corner there is a failure, but every know and again there is an intersection. This intersection, is oportunity. At this point, wile your waiting for the light to turn, you must ask your self should you keep going str8 and work hard and get better or am I ready to turn right, down this road of opportunity? I will say some times you should take a risk and close your eyes and make the urn, it will just be another winding road, weather it leads str8 to success or it takes you back around, that is all up to you and where you want to go.

Dedication, persaverence, and disapline. These three words sound easy, but offer a world wide life of success. You become only what you try to become. If you don't try, you will never become. Life only moves forward for those who walk even when their to tired to walk, to over come the obstacles in their way and to see every negitive and every rejection as a new expirence that they can grow from, soon those nos and rejections and negitives will start to deminish and you will start seeing the horizon of the rising sun, ful of positives and aproval. But even at this stage we can see that things may seem to start going our way, we must keep in mind that the negitives, and rejections are still out there, and that we must be prepared to run into the old friend now and again. This is the most difficult task of all. After you succeed, sometimes its a simple No that can burst your bubble and send you back down to Earth, hard on your face, with a boat up your ass Thats when it is your choice to either sit there for the rest of your life with a boot up your ass and your face in the dirt, or wil you stand up dust yourself off and send that boot right back to the fire of wence it came. To take the leap and never give up.

Fall down 8 times, but get back up 9.

To be continued...

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