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Posted on March 14, 2015 at 6:35 AM

Board Members in attendance were Jay Zenko, Jerry Tupper, Gambit, Michael Baker, and Rodney Nordstrom. The meeting started with the Financial Report from our Treasurer, Jay, who reported we have approximately $5,300.00 in our account. Next was old business. The board decided to hold our board meetings at Perkins on War Memorial Drive. The results of the auction were somewhat disappointing in that the club only made about approximately $70.00 from the sales. The turnout was low this year due to inclement whether. Our biggest conversation for the night had to do with the Central Illinois Magic Get Together, better known as the Stars Of America Magic Spectacular. This event will be held on April 25 at Expo Gardens starting at 7:00 with the doors opening at 6:30. The talent is lined up and it appears we are one stage performer short. Michael has volunteered to get somebody to fill that spot. Michael also informs us that the lighting and sound system are lined up. Ticket prices are $10.00 for kids 12 and under and $15.00 for adults. It was decided that we would make 60 posters of our event. Michael and Troy also agreed to check prices so we can get the best possible rate. It was estimated that the poster price would be somewhere between $1.00 to $1.50. In the last magic show we used large screens, however, this year it was decided not to use the screens because they offered very little. Jay informed us that his wife, Becky, would be manning concessions with our club member, Matt, as assistant. Also, since concessions will be going all day, many of the board members will have to fill in as needed. Jay will get a few different snacks together as well as soft drinks for sale. All items will sell for $1.00. Michael informed us that the dealers are going well and we still have room for one more which he is in the process of confirming.

We are in good shape for marketing this year and in fact I have already began public exposure on several web pages including the Chamber of Commerce. Rodney will continue to develop newspaper announcements. The importance of Facebook was highlighted. Troy and others who are familiar with the Facebook will continue to develop all possible contacts. We will put table teepees at restaurants that will allow us to do so. Also, it was discussed to give Eldon Roark copies of the poster so he can make posters and distribute them.

New business consisted of discussion about the possibility of performing at the Chiefs' game this year. It was anticipated that there would be two to three magicians doing walk around and an after game show on the infield perhaps at the pitchers mound with kids on the field sitting and watching. It was estimated that this event would last approximately 15 to 20 minutes before the fireworks started. We have been asked to again perform at the farmers market this year on the second and fourth Saturdays. Also, we are scheduled to perform one or two shows at IGNITE Peoria at the Civic Center in August. This is the second year doing this and we had a good time last year. Performances have yet to be confirmed.

Also, in anticipation of our April 25th show, we are going to do a week of magic starting Monday through Friday and the members have all volunteered to participate once we have identified the location of the respective restaurants. It is recommended that two magicians perform at each of the restaurants and monitor the table teepees announcing our April 25th show. Also, Rodney and Michael have been in contact with Leslie Renken from the Peoria Journal Star and trying to get her to do an interview regarding our event.

Our monthly topic for March is glass magic followed by April freestyle magic, May is flower magic, June is office magic and July is creative magic. Also, we have locked in Pop Haden for our September 19th lecture with the location to be announced.


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